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Are you planning to launch a new website? You need to be very careful during the conceptualization phase and all you need to do is consult the SEO. When I say, consult the SEO, it means at the very beginning when the website is just in your mind. You must consult the search engine optimization Company so that you can get the desired help from the experts to handle the designing and architecture aspect of your website before proceeding further. If you are clear with the layout you want for your website, you can develop a great website which is very close to what you have dreamt of. As an expert SEO, you must give a great advice to the client so that the company need not spend extra bucks on getting the website re-programmed due to any kind of flaws. For the success of any website, it is important to make it search engine friendly. Is the architecture of your website suitable for your SEO? If not then you can always consult the best search engine marketing service in town so that your website delivers what is expected to deliver.

  • Solve architectural issues – As an SEO expert, you need to spend a great amount of time with the set up of your client’s website. If you client wants to come up with a huge e-commerce website, then you must know how to handle so many products and that too by maintaining the link juice in the website. You have to think that how creative you can be with the website design. If you think that a flat architecture in e-commerce website needs to be there, then try and convince the client on this because people love simplicity and too many options can be like too many cooks spoiling the broth. The major problem in your website can be over use of drop down menus as it can be really frustrating for your users. Even if you plan to give it a flat structure, it can be a problem for the search engines to decipher the right information. You have to compromise because even the vertical architecture of your website will not allow the link juice to flow to the bottom.
  • Deciding on the link hierarchy – When you are dealing with the client who offers multiple products, you have to be careful with navigation structure. When you have to click so many time to reach to the lower level pages, the real link strength of those pages suffer. So, if you want to the link juice to flow to the lowest layer, you can overlap the categories instead of following a vertical structure. All you need is a great navigation structure which can improve your link building programme.

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