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These days, I have been hearing the term website optimisation quite frequently. Most of the times people use the term website optimisation instead of search engine optimization (SEO). However, I tend to disagree there.

I think that a website optimisation campaign should include all aspects of website improvement, be it making it search engine friendly or making is better from a user’s perspective. Some of the important things that a website optimisation campaign should include are
1 – Code review to identify and remove spider stoppers
2 – Code review from browser compatibility
3 – Internal link structure review to improve indexing and ease of navigation for a user
4 – Review of the conversion process to increase the conversion rate

Further, a good web analytics application with well defined rules to track conversions and goals should be implemented. website optimisation campaigns, ideally, should be dynamic in nature i.e. – They need to be continuously reviewed and goals redefined depending on the data gathered by the web analytics software implemented.

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