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We all have heard a lot about link building but do we know actually know the importance of this process in SEO?  For a website’s success, you invest a lot of time and money on link building activities; however for us it would be essential to know the function of this vital process. The cyber space is full of websites and with each passing day, number is increasing. Looking at such a competition, each business wants maximum number of clicks and for this all you can rely on is link building. Now have you ever thought where do these links generate from? How do you customers come know about the existence of your website?  It is generally through advertising or click on some link from other website. Usually, people search for your products through various search terms and then reach your website. If your website shows on the top of search results, then it will automatically increase the number of clicks to your website.

Have you ever analyzed that how do search engine decide which site to place first and which one at lower order?  You might wonder but it is all by the site metrics which involves the number of clicks your site gets and in that link building plays a major role. Both of them are interconnected because as your rankings improve, you will witness an increase in your website’s traffic. You have to understand the importance of rankings because the difference between the second and the third spot can make or break your online business. If you have high quality links coming to your website, then you will experience a large number of clicks and this, in turn will make your website more search engine friendly. Make sure that your website’s content plays a major role in bringing in high quality links to your website. Focus on improving your content because it will be a decisive factor along with the age of site and the domain name of your website.

Do you offer relevant content to your readers? If not, then you must do that, else your website will not get enough links, hence your website’s ranking will be badly affected. Search engines can quickly increase the rank of your website, only if you have effective link building process undergoing at your end. More number of high quality links means higher rankings for your website along with a large number of potential clicks. You ned to get incoming links which allows you to place your link on some other credible website which helps the webmasters know about the credibility of your website also. You can also act smart and get more number of links from smaller sites, which is comparatively easier.

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