Your SEO remains Untouched By Personalized Search Pt1

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Your experience with all the Google tools must have been beneficial for your search engine marketing because Google always offers you something unique and best. If you have updated information on the new features of Google, then you must also be aware of the much talked about personalized search. Your pay per click campaigns must have experienced a lot of clicks with the help of personalized search launched by Google but did you ever check out the impact of this feature on your SEO results? You can easily recall the flurry of debates on the personalized search and the end of search engine optimization. But you can actually consider it as the new look given to your search engine marketing which is going to be beneficial for your PPC campaign management also.

If you understand the impact of Google’s personalized search on your search engine optimization, then you can actually derive better results from your PPC efforts by strengthening your PPC campaign management. Following important and intelligent analysis will help you in getting hold of the impact of personalized search results on your SEO results;

  • If you use personalized search as part of your search engine marketing, then you might experience less authoritative results from your rank tracking. Ideally, your rank tracking is not about getting exact results but still if you use the data of rank tracking for your normal results, then it becomes a problem for your PPC campaign management and search engine marketing. You might lose or gain through personalized search results in terms of your pay per click campaign and you can easily figure this out. If you are getting more traffic to your PPC account but your rankings remain the same, then personalized search is actually helping your search engine marketing plan but if it’s the other way round, then it might be harmful for your PPC campaign management.
  • If you are sitting at the top spot in the arena of search engine marketing, then you might continue to sit the same position with Google’s personalized search results but in case you are not on the top list, then you might be the real beneficiary.
  • For you, it is always critical to deliver the best experience to your users but with personalized search, you can easily do this. If your brand is not doing well through search engine optimization, then your product will definitely do superbly well with personalized user experience. Your search engine marketing for your PPC efforts will be greatly benefited by this.

You can now easily get more traffic to your pay per click account which will further help your organic results to bloom. If your search engine marketing practices are suffering due to any reason, then now with personalized search, you can also strengthen your PPC results.

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