Mobile Devices Rule Valentine’s Day Searches

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The mobile advertising market has been on the rise for a long time. With users migrating to mobile platforms to execute searches and for buying of products, marketers have to stay at the forefront of technology in order to adopt it in time and make the most of it.

Google’s recent study on Valentine’s Day has shown that mobile search has yet again come into the limelight. 62% of restaurant searches on the day were executed through a mobile device. This gives brands a clear indication that mobile SEO is an important facet of their marketing plan that they definitely cannot afford to miss out on. With nearly 2/3rds of the restaurant customers using their mobile phones to search and book, brands who chose to stay a step ahead definitely registered higher sales. Smartphones have changed the way is which we consume the internet. Searching and using social media was previously common through the desktop or laptop devices. With the boom in Smartphones and tablets, users are relying on the convenience and location awareness of these devices to use the internet for a variety of purposes. Last minute searches for flowers and other gift items too grew multiple folds. Directions to the nearest florist shops grew by a whopping 514%!

More specifically, searches through tablet devices also grew by a large margin. The weekend before Valentine’s Day most of the searches were conducted through a tablet device. It is commonly noticed that tablet queries are higher during the weekend while last minute queries happen majorly through a Smartphone. It seems like the power of mobile technology has definitely helped last minute planners make the most of their romantic day! Brands have to take this into consideration and create an effective web analytics strategy in order to understand user trends & leverage the potential of the growing market.

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