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Have you ever wondered how valuable social media insight tools are? Do they give you a proper ROI estimate? Let’s take a look.

  1. Freebies by Simplify Measured
    An analytical tool which gives you free analytics to help analyze any brand page across Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Google+. LinkedIn and Pinterest profile data is yet to roll out.

    Here’s a sample Twitter Report -

  2. Row Feeder

    If you host Tweetinars or hashtag contests, you definitely need to know the people who have participated in them so that you can follow up. Row Feeder allows you to export this data in Google Docs. A snapshot for #Iphone is shown below.

    The only drawback of the free version is that you can track a maximum of only 500 Tweets.

  3. Social Ping

    Another blessing if you are looking to monitor a hashtag for a Tweetinar or a Twitter contest. Gives you data like reach of the hashtag, daily time variation and Tweet volume in addition to giving a list of top 100 participants. The free trial lasts 30 days.

  4. Crowdbooster

    Personally speaking, for me, this is the best Twitter analytics tool out there. They have discontinued the free version from March 2013. But the paid version is worth every dollar.

    Here’s a snapshot of the kind of data the tool gives.

    Besides giving follower trend, no. of RTs, reach of your Tweets and @ Mentions on Twitter, it also gives you data for your Facebook page along with the best time to post.

  5. Topsy

    I often get asked this question by clients – “How effective is my brand term on social media?”

    Well Topsy gives you quite an accurate estimate. Here’s a snapshot for the term “love”.

    The best part is Topsy only considers effective (read: Mentions in Tweets with a link or something that has been Retweeted) brand mentions. In addition to this, it also gives you list of webpages searched for the brand term.

  6. Tweetreach

    Want to know how far your Tweet/ keyword/brand term travelled? Tweetreach is where you should head to.

  7. TweepsMap

    A lot of Twitter tools give you a country wise spilt of your Twitter followers. But what if you want to see a region wise split – TweepsMap is the answer.

  8. & Social bakers

    Clients often want to know – “How much better am I doing as compared to my competitors”?

    Wildfireapp actually lets you compare audience size across Facebook, Twitter and Google plus.

    Here’s how the graph looks. The free version allows you to compare up to 3 competitors per platform.

    Social bakers on the other hand covers Twitter, Facebook, Google + and YouTube as well. However you don’t have an option to compare competition. The free version gives major statistics for brands across the above mentioned platforms. However, here’s the catch, if your page/account is not added, you need to send a request to these platforms and tracking starts from that day and you can’t see historical data.

  9. Bitly

    To measure affectivity, a good Social Media Marketer will always want to know the traction a particular shared link received. A URL shortner service like can give the Marketer this number. It also provides demographic data of the people who clicked (read: consumed content) on the link.

  10. Google Analytics

    If you are looking to integrate social media with your other digital (read: website) efforts, you just cannot afford to ignore Google Analytics. I wrote a while back on how GA can be used to measure the real social ROI. At the very least, you need to look at the ‘social’ section within Google Analytics.

    Are you using some other tools to better measure the impact your social activities are creating? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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