Part II – Is Mind-Mapping a Social Media tool?

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The Part I – Mind-Mapping: A Creative Outlet spoke what mind-mapping was all about, who had developed the concept and 5 simple steps to draw a mind-map. In this article we will find the link between social media and mind-mapping and also answer questions such as:

Can mind-mapping be a tool in producing strategies for social media?

Does it or does it not help in creating strong social media strategies?

How can mind-mapping be used in social media?

Social media is growing day by day with newer social networking platforms that are being introduced. Social media tools are not just used by individuals or persons; they are also used by businesses, companies and brands. It has proved to be useful in promoting brands and their concepts. Digital media started out a trend that was beyond anyone’s imagination. We now have instant access to loads of data. For brands, it’s their most powerful tool to building their brand name. Branding cannot be done easily and that is where social media comes in.

There are various social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, SlideShare, YouTube, Google+, Instagram and many other platforms that have helped companies in brand building and for promoting their products and ideas. Hence, having to choose the right medium to do so is what counts the most. Companies, organizations, NGOs and agencies all strive to make that perfect pitch to hit the ideal target audience. Though the matter of fact that holds importance here is whether or not we are able to deliver those ideas and concepts thoroughly to our fellow teammates or colleagues. Wherever social media is involved, brainstorming sessions are naturally a part of it. With the help of these sessions, strategies are developed on how to reach the highest or ideal target audience is put forth. When pertaining to social media, mind maps orders thinking and lets you focus towards the primary goal by creating activities that could help in its completion.

Social Media strategies are drawn to gain more exposure and to provide more visibility for their clients. The aim is to create an impact by gaining more fan following, users, customers, etc. towards the brand/company. Mind mapping in this manner helps in creating a branched out map with different set of activities that are allocated for different social media platforms. Mind maps can be changed by adding or editing a few steps or activities while building a strong strategy. In social media it’s mostly likely for a mind map to go through numerous stages of approval and disapprovals of steps. Though this leads to a definite plan that lets you gain outstanding results in the end, it can only be attained after the implementation of the plan built through a mind map.

Mind maps act like a guiding tool which help in letting you stick to a plan as well draw results from it. Though nothing is certain, the results could be positive or negative. This depends on the fact that the social media team or members analyze each step before noting it down.

Example of a social media strategic plan

Here is an example of a strategy designed for an XYZ organization.

Social media agencies and companies can use mind maps to provide a creative outlet for their ideas in the form that visually represents what the company wishes to do or what the agency would like to do for their clients. In the above example, we see a strategic plan designed according to the company’s goals and objectives. To increase their impact a step-by-step approach towards a fruitful result in achieving them has been shown. Understanding the companies aim’s helps in drawing a thoroughly based plan that could not only deliver but also appeal to the clients, in a way that could build a relationship between a company and an agency. Mindmaps prove to be a foolproof method in which conceptualizing leads to positive outlet of ideas that could produce positive results. Hence, in social media strategizing with a creative outlet like mind-mapping could drive more positive outcome in devising a plan.


Mind-mapping helps bring your idea to life with its creative visual diagrams or to show how the system works. If the world were to follow their idea with an impressive visual it would help sort things easier. Being organized physically and mentally is a plus point to anyone’s trait or attributes. To impart knowledge with the help of visuals or creative diagrams is the wisest method.

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