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The validity of social media for the purpose of B2B marketing is often debated upon and most are of the opinion that a consumer-centric platform like social media does not work from a B2B angle. The most important thing that B2B marketers need to remember is that social networking sites can be beneficial if they concentrate on quality of their campaign rather than quantity.

To start off the campaign you need to primarily define the target audience. Since the target audience comprises of other businesses, this step helps in understanding the kind of content that will be well received. This will also help determine which social channel is the most beneficial and will help maximize campaign reach.

Before you plan your campaign you need to monitor the trends in the industry and figure out what your kind of social activities your competitors are engaging in. This is a crucial step before you start take part in conversations actively. Find blogs and online forums that are relevant to your business along with relevant Twitter hashtags. Once you understand the trends it will become easier for you to implement them.

Once you review the social scene for your business type you have to develop a concrete plan that is most relevant to you and is feasible from an execution perspective. Make sure you don’t jump in without a specific goal in your mind.

Content is the most important aspect of your marketing plan. Since social media is extremely dynamic, attention span of users is low and content needs to be engaging enough to keep your target audience hooked and prompt them to engage in a conversation.

Always remember that no social media plan is created just once and executed as it is. Keep testing your plan and amend where necessary to open avenues for success and eliminate aspects that provide no value.

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