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LinkedIn may have started small but it is definitely one of the most influential social networks in the current internet space. With most top companies using the site to scout for employees or to boost their professional image, you cannot avoid creating a LinkedIn profile for yourself. Most people make the mistake of creating a profile after hearing about the hype and do not take efforts to maintain the profile. An incomplete profile on LinkedIn is far more harmful than not having a profile at all.

With social profiles becoming an important aspect of search it is now even more important to have a complete and well defined profile. If your profile is incomplete there are great chances that it will get overlooked or completely ignored by the kind of viewers that you seek.

The most important step is having a photo and headline for the profile as it is the first thing that will catch a person’s eye. Believe it or not, profiles with a photograph are much more likely to get a second glance. Try not to forget that LinkedIn is a professional network and hence your photo and headline should clearly reflect that.

Your professional summary is by far the most important section when it comes to your LinkedIn profile. It is this section that will prove to job scouts whether you are truly capable for a particular role. Make sure you spend time on this section and ensure that it is well written to highlight your expertise and capabilities.

No other form of word-of-mouth marketing is as good as recommendations by seniors or colleagues. Make the most of this section by requesting for recommendations in order to provide credibility to your profile. If you have a website you must definitely make it a point to highlight it on LinkedIn to get better visibility for your online presence.

LinkedIn is definitely the social network of the future and it is crucial to grab it and make the most out of the opportunity.

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