Brand Advocates: Social Media Super Users!

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While all consumers are important to a brand, there are a certain group of consumers that are a notch above others and hence must be given special attention. Who are these consumers? They are the “Brand Advocates” that act as almost-free marketing representatives for your brand and serve as an influence for new consumers. These users love talking about a brand and it is their message that impacts the purchase decisions of several others. Brands must ensure that they make use of this resource and implement it to its optimum advantage. There are several aspects that make brand advocates stand apart from other users. These users are more enthusiastic and regular when it comes to sharing information about a particular product. They don’t provide occasional feedback or review for a brand but continue to speak about the brand and promote it.

Most people decide what to buy based on the opinions of their friends. Brand advocates serve as ideal influencers for the online community as well as their group of friends. These users are also more likely to use social media to expand their followers and spread the message of your brand. However, it is important to remember that all these benefits don’t come for free! Brand advocates must be rewarded for their efforts in the form of freebies and incentives in order to entice them to continue promoting your brand.  Learn to strike a balance between genuine rewards and bribes; you don’t want your advocates thinking you are paying them to get praise! It will end the authenticity of the reviews and feedback.

Thorough research will help you find advocates for your brand and thereby provide a great source of marketing. Forums and Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are the best places to find these brand advocates. Make the best of these users by harnessing their interest in your brand and retaining their loyalty.

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