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Brands are taking their marketing efforts to a whole new level by incorporating social gaming into their primary strategies. While there are several sceptics who are unsure about the effect of games on a marketing plan, the power of this medium to enhance interaction definitely cannot be denied.

The facts are certainly in favor of the decision to use online gaming as a marketing tool. A large number of people play social games on a regular basis on devices like laptops, smart phones or iPads. Whether it is about building your city or plotting faux assassinations, social gaming is definitely at its peak. Brands can utilize this popular medium by creating a mission for the consumers which will involve brand interaction. For e.g. A Credit Card Company could keep certain levels blocked which users can unlock only by purchasing them with the credit card or provide special items which can procured by purchasing them. The proof of the success of this method lies in the figures. Stats have shown that gaming giant Zynga has sold more virtual tractors on its games than the total numbers of real tractors sold in the United States.

Games are no more just methods of killing spare time. Social games help create a sub-culture or an alternate universe where people can fulfil certain ambitions and earn respect and adulation in the form of increased revenue in the form of social currency.

As a brand why must you use games in your marketing attempts? While it may sound trivial in the larger scheme of things, Games are fun! The fun quotient of these games is what keeps the users hooked on to your attempts and open avenues for any interaction or brand promotion. Games can also help build loyalty as users often tend to get attached to a game or their virtual characters. Lastly, social games can help you track and monitor the level of interaction that users have with your brand and therefore serve as a good method of tracking your audience.

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