Busting Social Media Myths

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Social media marketing is the need of the hour; yet a number of business owners still shy away from this modern marketing practice. Misconceptions play a great part in delaying, or at times banning, the adoption of social media. On the other hand, there are some individuals who have given social media a shot but have given up due to lack of results. Effective results come from proper planning of social strategies and by busting popular myths. Let’s take a look at some of the most common misconceptions that could come between a brand and its social media future:

  • Social Media efforts are a waste of time

Social Media is all about building a connection with your customers and building an active and engaging community for your brand. The way users communicate has undergone a dynamic shift and online interactions are steadily becoming the norm. There’s great credibility for brands that actually listen to their consumers and engage with them on a regular basis.

  •  Small Businesses will not benefit from Social Media

Building a community can depend largely on the brand and the best facet of social media is that all kinds of brands can plan a strategy that best suits their requirement. Whether you want a niche community targeting selective users or a large audience across age-groups, Social networks can provide you with an answer. All you need to do is define your requirements and plan a strategy accordingly.

  •  Social Media wont impact my bottom line

Believe it or not, word-of-mouth publicity is a key factor when it comes to increasing the reach of your business. Shares and Retweets are the social versions of word-of-mouth publicity and are crucial if you want consumers to talk about your brand and influence other users.

  •  Social media is too vast and hence time-consuming

Most first-time social media users make the mistake of establishing their brand’s presence on all platforms. This can lead to confusion and dilution of efforts. In order to have your social media efforts yield positive results it is important to pick the few platforms that are of most value to you and concentrate on creating a strong presence on those.

  •  Audience does not care what a brand has to say

It is important to remember that nobody likes a brand that concentrates all their social media efforts on selling their products. While sales are crucial to your brand, it is important to engage consumers in a healthy conversation.

Social media is a dynamic environment and is evolving at a fast pace. Learn to stay updated with the changing trends and find out ways in which you could use these to your brand’s advantage.

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