Online Consumer Behaviour : Getting To Know The Social Consumer

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Consumer behavior has seen a dynamic change in the past few years, especially since the rise in social media usage. Understanding this behavior is crucial for brands in order to effectively apply this buyer behavior to their promotion and sales strategies and increase effectiveness. Surprising as it may seem, buyers in the B2B sector are also becoming extremely social. This domain was previously extremely close-knit and restricted to selective interaction methods amongst the parties involved. The social platform has facilitated peer-to-peer interactions on a more dynamic platform and simplified the communication strategy for B2B buyers and sellers.

This rise in social behavior has compelled marketers to understand the psyche of social consumers in order to increase effectiveness of campaigns and make use of this profitable medium. There are several factors that can contribute towards better understanding of the social consumer behavior.

Learning can start off at understanding of the buyer’s attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, motivation etc. This will give marketers a clear idea as to what drives the consumers and invokes the need to purchase.

Each person buys to fulfill some sort of goal. Understanding how organizational and consumer goals can be fulfilled is a stepping stone to success. Each industry segment has a certain set of buyers who are more likely to purchase and are proactive in their quest for their preferred products. It is this segment that marketers need to tap into.

Interaction patterns are reflective of the way buyers choose to purchase and make buying decisions. It is important to understand the way your consumers are using the various social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.

The technology of social media is evolving daily and so is the behavior of the consumers. Keeping up with the growing trends will provide better insights into the growing behavior of the social consumer.

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