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We have previously looked at reasons why brands should not be too quick to dismiss blogs as a marketing strategy. Once you have made the decision to create a blog for your brand you need to get started on finding ways in which you can create an effective blog that will appeal to the primary target audience. Blogging is not just about having a product that is worth writing about. While you may have vast content to begin with, you need to learn to channel it in an effective way.

The first and foremost step that you need to consider is to have a concrete theme in mind around which you can develop your blog. While it is acceptable to deviate from the theme occasionally, having a subject will enable your target audience to understand exactly what they can expect from your blog. To start off you can have a broad theme till your narrow down and find a niche that you are comfortable with and confident about.

The name of a blog is its identity and this must be attractive and memorable. In case of a blog name simple is always better as users find it easier to remember and relate to. Having simple words will also ensure that there is a lesser chance of a spelling error.

While blogging platforms generally have a plethora of free themes, it is advisable to go for a paid one that will allow greater scope for editing and personalization. Free themes limit the ability to customize and thereby restricting your options.

Logo is yet another important aspect of your brand identity. In order to capture mindshare of your target audience and foster better retention you must make it a point to have a unique logo designed specifically for your brand. It will also make sure that your blog is taken seriously by the users.

Consistency is an important aspect of blogging. Make it a point to blog at regular intervals and not in sporadic bursts. Also try to have a systematic content generation approach in place so you are aware where your next blog post is coming from and how you can optimize it so that it brings greater traffic.

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