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As social media grows at an alarming rate, people have been quick to dismiss  blogs and have tagged them as “has-been” methods of marketing. Marketers and brands might want to pay blogs a second thought and consider the various benefits that the platform can bring. It would not be wise to dismiss of blogs as erstwhile marketing attempts as they continue to bring a plethora of benefits for the brands.

Believe it or not, Traffic is one of the most important reasons for brands to continue blogging. While blogs may not bring tons of traffic to the brand profile, it will definitely bring qualified and important people to your site. The trick here is to create content that will be most relevant to your industry and create an image for yourself as a reliable source of relevant information. Consistency too is important in case of content. You cannot make the mistake of putting up one relevant post and then leaving the site without any activity for the following weeks.

Blogging allows brands to experiment with various well targeted marketing attempts and ensure that it reaches only the appropriate audience. While the comments and interaction might be lesser as compared to other platforms, it will definitely be more relevant and valuable.

A blog works like an identity of a particular brand or company. Blogging opens up avenues for marketers to manipulate content in a way to suit not only the style of their brand but also to suit the consumers. People prefer interaction with brands that have a real identity as opposed to a faceless entity.

Not only does a blog allow consumers to get an inside view of the company, it also helps brands maintain a record of the growth of the organization. Blogs act like a time capsule; they help provide a glimpse into the past and help get a clearer vision for the future.

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