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Social engagement is definitely the icing on the cake of a social media campaign. With the help of healthy engagement brands can boost their revenues and foster brand affinity in the minds of the consumer. There was a time when connecting with a brand was a distant dream. Connecting with a brand meant sending a letter to the head office and waiting for a reply; which in itself was a rare occurrence. However, with the advent of social media the communication gateways opened up and allowed fans a chance to “talk” to their brand. The true power of social media lies in two-way communication. Brands too get an opportunity to reach out to their consumers and build a healthy relationship which is the foundation of loyalty.

What a brand posts on their social media platforms matters greatly. When these posts get shared the engagement of a brand increases and thereby adds to its overall credibility. Customers don’t just want to adopt products. They want the ability to provide feedback, share grievances and contribute towards the growth of a brand. For this the brand needs to pay keen attention to the kind of posts they put up. Knowledgeable posts about their industry will go a long way in ensuring that the brand receives relevant followers who will give back to the brand over the course of time.

The bottom-line is that social media engagement can vary in its effectiveness. As a brand, it matters how you plan out your social strategy. Conduct thorough research to figure out what kind of content is the most relevant for your brand. Don’t assume that a perfect strategy is something that involves presence on all platforms. Pick the platforms that are of most value and enhance presence on those.

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