Facebook Agrees on Advertising Deal With Yahoo, Settles Patent Dispute

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Facebook, in a blog post on 6th July, announced that they have completed an advertising deal with Yahoo, on how their respective ad networks will be leveraged for mutual benefit. In a landmark development, they also settled their patent infringement cases, in what seems to be a turnaround of sorts for the legal dispute between the two internet giants.

You have a Login with Facebook option on every news piece on Yahoo & soon, your Facebook likes will determine, what ads you will be shown on Facebook. It looks as if Facebook plans to leverage Yahoo’s reach as a news & media website, and people won’t have to leave the Facebook ecosystem for checking out the latest news.

Ross Levinsohn, interim CEO at Yahoo, in his statement, was more than grateful to Facebook, for striking, what looks like a pretty lucrative deal for Yahoo, & specifically thanked Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook for bringing on board, her team for the successful closure of the deal.

This deal comes close on the heels of Yahoo’s endeavor to add more social experience to its news stories & search results. It became a do-or-die issue for Yahoo after Google launched its Google+ platform, to personalize search results, plus promoting the concept of social search. It also has a “social bar” which it has implemented on 100 of its properties globally, and according to data mentioned in the Facebook blog post, has around 90 million active users.

This development has queered the pitch not only for social media agencies, but also SEO professionals, who have hitherto, put Yahoo rankings low on their priority list. It will be interesting to see how the “social experience on Yahoo” unfolds.

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