Facebook Camera – An Instagram Doppelgänger?

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Just when you thought Facebook acquiring Instagram was revolutionary, out came Facebook with its own photo editing and sharing app for iOS – Facebook Camera. What purists believe to be a second-hand attempt at tapping into the market previously dominated by the likes of Instagram is, for rationalists, merely a tactical attempt by Facebook at marketing the demand for an easy to use, fun photo editing and sharing software that lets social networking aficionados (so to say Facebookers for the sheer monopoly of the maker) click, edit, tag, caption and share pictures on their Facebook domain.

What is so striking about it, you ask? Well, while earlier you could merely upload pictures onto your Facebook Timeline via Mobile Uploads, now you can spruce up your pictures using 14 filters before you hit share. Basically, Instagram sans a few filters and a pruned photo bias is Facebook Camera in a nutshell.

So is Facebook Camera a take or toss? Well, while there is no shortage of image enhancement and photo sharing apps, what makes Facebook Camera particularly of interest is its Facebook-specific bias. If you frequent the social network, Facebook Camera is a hassle-free app for making adjustments to a photo that you ultimately would post to your timeline.

Another plus is the option of multi-photo uploads (unlike Instagram).Facebook Camera can support batch uploads of upto 30 image files. So editing and sharing a day’s outing or a birthday celebration is a viable option with this app.

Another eye-catching feature is that Facebook Camera connects to every Facebook account associated with the user. The photo-only feed pulls in photos posted using the Facebook Social Graph API and, apart from Facebook photos, the apps also allows for photos from other apps such asCamera+ and even Instagram.

What fails to catch one’s fancy is the sheer crudeness of the app. Unlike Instagram, which is unarguably the benchmark in photo editing and sharing, Facebook Camera still has a long way to go. Limited filters, inadequate editing tools, and noticeably less beautiful pictures, the app loses out on lack of romanticism and sheer attractiveness.

But then again, it’s Facebook that is at work here. It’s clearly willing to stretch its potential and there is no doubt that Team Zuckerberg will work on its app further which is, if nothing else, quite promising.

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