Facebook Gives "Location" A Brand New "Direction"

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Judging the “cool quotient” of an event or party is simple; all you need to know is if all your friends are  going to be present there and you are good to go. However we have moved beyond the days of calling people to invite them for events. Now all people need to do is create a Facebook event and get their RSVP’s in an easy and electronic manner. The only drawback of this method is that you don’t know where all your friends are going to be. Facebook plans to sort out this issue by giving users the option of choosing an event based on the location of their friends.

Want to know where all your friends are on a Friday night? Facebook can now help you figure out the exact location of your friends due to their latest tweak to Facebook places that not only tells you whether a person is interested in attending an event but whether they actually did. This has huge potential for brands that have promotional events and sends thousands of invites to people. More often than not most people accept the invitation but never turn up and there is no way for the host to know unless the manually go around ticking names off a list. Now the process will be much simpler as the event host will know exactly who was present at the event.

For individuals Facebook will provide maps which will point exactly where your friends are. So next time you want to make plans to go out you know the preferred places and ones you need to avoid. This feature will leverage Facebook’s event features over other Event Invite sites and give brands another reason to trust and implement Facebook marketing. It is important to note that RSVP’s to any Facebook event are just marks of interest; this new feature, however, will increase specificity and reliability.

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