Facebook Groups And Brand Pages Undergo Transformation!

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In yet another change to the website, Facebook recently rolled out its edited Group pages. Facebook Group Pages can either be secret, closed or open. Secret groups do not appear in a person’s timeline and can be viewed only by the people included in the group. Closed groups require Admin approval to become a member while Open groups can be joined by anyone. The new format is applicable to all kinds of groups.

One of the biggest changes that have been rolled out is the Cover Photo for Group Pages. This image contains profile pictures of all the members of the group. What does this mean for the Group Admin? The cover photo easily displays all the members of the groups and makes it easier to track members as the group grows. Another great aspect is that the Cover Photo strip is interactive and the member’s profile can be visited simply by clicking on the person’s image on the Cover.

However, Group Administrators also have the option of changing the cover image and repositioning it as per the requirement. This can help make a dramatic impact and help display the group’s motive if used correctly.

This is not the only change that Facebook will be rolling out in the first quarter of 2012. The social networking giant will soon bring its popular Timeline to Brand pages. The entire purpose of the Timeline is to build an emotional connect and give a personal feel to profiles. Brands can utilize this feature by extending this layout to their brands. The real time quality of this layout will help users stay in tune with their favorite brand’s developments. Businesses can now share their story with their fans as it unfolds.

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