Facebook Increases Its Appeal For Brands

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Looks like the Facebook-Google social wars are definitely getting heated up! As Google started shutting down all company pages from its much-talked about Google Plus platform, Facebook apparently plotted a strategy that would use this to its advantage.

Facebook for Business

Unlike Google Plus, Facebook aims to prove that their platform is brand-friendly and encourages companies to use their platform in order to promote their brand and market their products. The ‘Facebook for Business’ page does not provide a new feature officering, however it gives brands a platform to understand the appeal of Facebook for their brand and how it can be utilized to its maximum capacity. Businesses who have been holding out from getting onto the site will now find a strong enough reason to change their mind.  This new feature will help brands better understand the process of creating a page, utilizing Sponsored Stories and Facebook Ads.

This page is a direct invitation for brands to utilize Facebook as a marketing platform. Google kept promising a brand specific platform by the first week of July but never materialized. Facebook has definitely made this announcement at the right time and proved why they are the right choice when it comes to brand marketing.

The competition is still on equal grounds as both sites have their pros and cons. Facebook ads definitely are more social in nature as compared to Google which is still towards the traditional side. Google however takes the cake when it comes to Google Apps which has a greater customer base as compared to Facebook. With the Skype tie-up Facebook has also one-upped Google who aimed to provide a unique “Hangout” feature that would enable video chatting and conferencing.

While Google Plus has a meagre 20 million users as compared to Facebook’s whopping 750 million, there is a good chance of surpassing the current ruler of social media if the right moves are made.

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