Facebook + Instagram: A new era of Photo-sharing?

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When launched for the first time, who would have thought that a simple photo app will be bought by the largest social networking company for a whopping $1 billion! This is the story of Facebook and Instagram. When it started out in October 2010, Instagram was just a humble app that allowed users to upload their images and add interesting filters; it still is! Within the first week of its launch the app had 200,000 users which reached to 1.75 million in 4 months and 4 million another 3 months later.

What makes Instagram the most addictive app to have on your phone? One of its virtues is the fact that the filters can make absolutely anything look good. You can now put up a picture of an empty glass and have it look arty and almost as good as professional photography.

Mark Zuckerberg agreed that Facebook did need an interesting and attractive way in which users could share their pictures. The purchase of Instagram clearly indicates that Zuckerberg wastes no time in staying ahead of his competitors. It’s a good decision to acquire one of the most popular companies before rivals, even if it comes at a cost of $1 billion.

However, not all is rosy in the world of Facebook and Instagram. “Privacy” fears have once again reared their ugly heads in the minds of the consumer. Are my pictures safe? Will the world see the image that was meant only for my fellow Instagram buddies? Questions like these will remain speculations till it’s clearly revealed what Facebook has in mind for its latest buy. Till then, keep Instagramming; albeit with a careful glance over your shoulder.

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  1. A smart buy indeed. Facebook could have rolled out an Instagram clone for less than 1% of its purchase price, but in the process it has managed to score many users and not to mention it has taken a leap ahead of its rivals.

    Instagram on the other hand, will grow stronger using Facebook’s amazing engineering team and infrastructure.

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