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It’s quite a heady achievement to get the desired number to fans to the Facebook fan page for your brand. Unfortunately your fan page activity does not end there. Despite the large number of fans to a particular page it often becomes difficult for brands to encourage the desired interaction and engagement from the fans. There are various ways in which you can ensure that your fans interact with your brand.

The most important step you can take is to ask questions to your fans. By asking intelligent questions you can entice answers and therefore keep the activity going. Questions that include the word “you” such as “What do you think…..” are often more effective than others as they seem a lot more personal than generic ones.

While Facebook allows you 420 characters to get across your thoughts, sometimes it is a lot more effective to keep your communication short and allow fans to express themselves. Tips and tricks hold no value if you do not understand your target audience effectively. Figure out when your fans are most likely to be online and ensure that you increase your engagement levels during that time frame.

Fans do not like to be ignored. Always remember that it is easy to “Unlike” a page as easy as it was to “Like” it in the first place. To make sure that your fans do not leave make sure to provide a personal touch to your interaction with them. Use their names while responding to comments and make it a direct conversation as opposed to a general comment. This serves as an encouragement for fans to respond. Don’t forget to thank your fans for their contribution or responses.

Last but not the least, be approachable at all times. Instill a feeling of trust and loyalty among your followers in order to gain returns.


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