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About a year ago, Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook Places in order to combat the growing dominance of Foursquare in the check-in and Deals domain. However, Facebook Places did not exactly have an impressive launch as the Read API was greatly restrictive while the Write API was almost non-existent. There was a lot of information gap and it was difficult to figure out intricacies of the new feature. The introduction of Facebook Deals too did not create a stir due to the limited API. However with the upcoming development to the features, there is definitely going to be renewed interest in Places and Deals.

The biggest problem that large organizations faced while using places is that they found it difficult to manage their various outlets from one single access point. Each branch needed to create and manage its own location which often became haywire if the company had hundreds of outlets. The parent company can now name its location based outlet as a child and manage it in an easier and seamless manner. Brands will have a Parent page that will comprise of all the locations where the outlets are present. The best part is, every time a user checks into a “Child” page it will contribute towards the total number of check-ins for the “Parent” page.

The new Deals API too has its attraction for brands as it enables brands to create a new “Deal” and install it at all the locations in one single go instead of having to do it individually. This is great news for large brands that have several outlets and want an easy process in place.

These steps prove that Facebook is keen on improving its position in the field of location-based marketing and provide serious competition to the likes of contenders such as Foursquare, Twitter and Gowalla.

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