Facebook Timeline For Brands: What You Need To Keep In Mind

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With Facebook announcing the Timeline profile for brands there are a lot of things that marketers need to keep in mind while preparing their brand page for the new development.

The overall look of the page is quite similar to the Timeline profiles for users. The top of the page has a cover photo while the rest of the page is split in two halves using a dividing line. This new format gives brands the option of depicting the history of their company in a story-like format. With this development brands must realize that it is an opportunity for them to humanize their brand and give it a personal touch. Use this format to engage better with your audience and start conversations.

One aspect that brands may definitely miss is the absence of tabs. With the Timeline structure there will be a few tabs which will be depicted under the cover photo in image format while the others will be present in a drop down column. This change can be used wisely if you pick the best tabs to be visible above the fold.

The most drastic change that brands will experience is the lack of landing pages. While this may have some implications on the impressions, brands can resolve this by wisely choosing the posts they wish to highlight. Facebook has introduced a new feature which is similar to the blog “sticky”. This will enable brands to pick posts that they want at the top of the page and hence receive better attention from the users.

The good news however is that, brands can finally send private messages to the users. This will help make customer interaction much easier and take complaints off the Timeline and to a private message. The new layout will definitely shake things up for marketers and will require a lot of changes that need to be made to keep the brand popularity alive.

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