The ‘Business’ of Foursquare

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If you have tried using Foursquare as an individual you will definitely enjoy the challenge involved in securing Mayorships of places or sharing your location with your friends among other things. However, what is the scope for Foursquare from a business perspective? If business owners and marketers were to be questioned on the channels they use for their social media strategies they would most likely name the popular ones like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Very few business owners have included Foursquare in their marketing efforts. The fact remains that most people look at Foursquare as a tool for individuals rather than businesses. There are several reasons why the social media platform is apt for business use. It helps businesses maximize their multi-channel marketing efforts. It is also a great way to test new products that enter the market.

Check-ins are the most important features of Foursquare and brand managers must make it a point to use them to their optimum capacity. Users often get bored of specials available after Check-ins and businesses must keep innovating in order to keep them hooked on and continue to avail of the benefits. If the business has several locations they must be used to their advantage. Don’t just create generic ‘Specials’ for all outlets. Instead, choose specials that will suit the location.

The “Tips” section is a great way to understand what your users are saying about your brand and get feedback. This is the perfect form of market research without having to create a separate marketing strategy for it.

Specials also work great for low-cost items that are often bought on an impulse. For e.g. “Buy a cup of coffee and get a doughnut free” is a great special for a coffee outlet. Using this strategy, marketers can also reach out to customers when it comes it seasonal products that will be in the market for a short time. Don’t just create a special that will remain constant for several days. Make it a point to innovate and find a strategy that will bring in maximum value.

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