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Social Media can be the answer to your customer service woes; albeit if used correctly. The right way to achieve customer service mastery via social media is by planning a proper strategy.

The customer service executive is at the heart of your interaction with your customer. In order to derive maximum value from your customer service efforts you need to hire someone who knows the values of your brand as well as the right way to communicate with your fans and followers.

Remember the Boy Scout motto which tells you to “Be Prepared”? The same holds true even on Social Media. Despite the popularity of your brand, there are going to be times when you are going to face some flak. The best way to avoid nasty surprises is to be prepared for any kind of feedback. Deleting a post off your wall is not the ideal solution and will only lead to greater customer anger. Address the problem head on and lead to better relations with the consumer and avoid future issues. While addressing irate customers you need to ensure that your tone is ideal and will project the appropriate amount of regret and give them assurance that the problem will be solved.

Your aim as a brand should be to ensure that no user comes back with the problem again. People often discuss bad customer service experiences or exceptional ones and you should strive to achieve the latter.

Lastly, remember that all errors and goof-ups are a learning experience. Each customer review will give you a new lesson and will teach you how to tackle similar ones in the future.

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