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Brands looking to get the first-mover advantage on Google Plus might want to hold on just yet. Currently the only option for brands is to create a user profile which does not provide any differentiation. Google+ Product Manager, Christian Oestlian, stated in an interview that they are currently working on creating a unique experience for brands which will comprise of deep analytics as well as help them gain advantage of products like AdWords. Google is currently inviting brands to be a part of their experiment which will help improve the brand experience on their social networking site. What is surprising is that Google did not think of creating the concept of brand pages sooner. It is no doubt that brands like to be on a platform where their customers are.

Ford is one of the first few brands to create a Google Plus presence for itself. The ‘Ford Motor Company’ page may have started small but is gaining steady number of followers within its circles.

Ford Google plus

Ford started posting updates as soon as the page went live and the company might very well be the first on Google Plus to run a contest and offer a prize for winners.

Ford Google Plus Contest

Ford is definitely not laid back when it comes to adopting social media technologies. The company is making use of most of the features on Google Plus in order to create a strong presence for their brand on the site. They recently announced a “Hangout” where followers will be able to interact with the brand in a video chat.

Ford Hangout

Google + provides a great attraction to brands not only because of the interesting new features that the site has, but also due to the connection it provides to other Google products. Ford has always been active in its social media efforts and the interest in the platform is clearly depicted in the brands tagline on their Google Plus page “Founded by Henry Ford in 1903, we make automobiles. And we like social media.”

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