Google Plus: Will it; Wont it?

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We have had a look at the shiny new social networking site when it launched and we have definitely made several predictions regarding how it may or may not take over Facebook. After learning its lessons from the debacle of Buzz and Wave, Google has definitely got it right this time. One of the smartest moves that Google made was restricting access to only those who had appropriate invitations. This paid off and people were clamouring for the few invites that were floating around in cyberspace. Brands too started appearing on the site despite Google’s advice to stay away till they launched a separate brand experience. Some brands had to bear the brunt and got taken off the site for violation of Google’s rules.

However, you can’t blame brands for wanting to get on Google Plus. With fans racing to be the first ones on the site, brands too are lured to the site with hopes of getting a first-mover advantage. The Google plus user base is currently at a meagre 2 million which is far behind Facebook’s 700 million.  Due to this low number, brands may find it hard to capture attention of useful customers at this early stage of Google Plus. It makes sense to wait for the site to get more popular with users as it will then provide a greater chance of attracting target audience.

Social Media is constantly evolving and there definitely is room for more platforms to crop up in the future. While having early access to the site is a big deal, it does not guarantee success on the platform. Both users and brands will definitely experience considerable changes to Google Plus as it grows. The best step for brands now is to monitor the site and gauge the kind of fans that are coming to the site and the type of interaction. This will help them be better prepared when Google launches its brand specific Google Plus experience.

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