Google Think Insights : "Data Beats Opinion"

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Digital Marketers who swear by Google as a primary data source will definitely rejoice in its latest offering: Think Insights. Google believes that concrete data trumps opinions and it is this belief that they aim to promote and turn into reality. Google, the single largest data source, has created the ‘Think Insights’ website that will help users gain Google’s own insights into several interesting questions such as “How do new mothers use the internet”, “How many Hispanic users are active on the internet” etc.

Google sources confirmed that the data-supported insights will be provided to users in the form of papers, videos and even case studies. Think Insights is not a onetime activity; it is an ongoing process that will evolve along with the data that is put over the web and continue to provide users with insights into all Digital Marketing Trends. Insights will be a great platform for marketers to understand web activity and use it to boost their marketing strategies with the help of concrete data. For e.g. In one of the case studies, Google has provided data regarding the Smartphone user behavior over the internet. Google revealed several behavioral trends that will help Smartphone brands and online marketers in an attempt to build better and more effective offerings.

This website will start a whole new revolution when it comes to understanding the way the World Wide Web functions and how users adopt it. Google is leaving no room for speculation and “opinion” building when it comes to understanding internet usage. These insight studies will not only provide effective data but also help improve the way online marketing is structured and improve targeting.

Once again the only glitch in this practice could be the age old debate regarding user privacy. Although user privacy has been a concern for years, Google Think Insights can definitely come in handy as long as it does not misuse data and concentrates solely on the greater good; providing information.

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