Having A Brand Crisis? Turn To Social Media For A Solution

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One of the worst scenarios that a brand can be faced with is a crisis that threatens to besmirch the name and prestige of the brand. How often have we heard of cases where people have faced inconvenience at a brand store or found insects in their bottle of soft drink? Too many to count! While it may seem like an easier option for the brand to let the public anger tide over, it can actually end up creating even bigger issues. Brands need to be humble and find ways to recover the damages to their reputation and social media can provide the fastest way to do so.

In April 2009, Dominos Pizza faced a crisis that escalated due to the reach of social media. Customers took a video of two Dominos Employees handling the food in an unsanitary way and shared it via YouTube. In a matter of two days the video had more than a million views and the incident was one of the top results for a “Dominos” related search.  Dominos understood the power that social media provided and used it to recover the brand image. The brand created a Twitter account to address the issue and had the CEO put up a video on YouTube in order to convince customers that the problem will be addressed in the correct manner. This example shows us how social media can be used to its optimum capacity in order to redefine a brand and pull it out of the deep end in case of a crisis.

Transparency is extremely important if a brand wants to come across as honest and genuinely interested in getting back its image as trustworthy and reliable. There is no point in lying or covering up errors when they are already apparent to the world. The best step here is to own up to the situation and instead make promises to consumers that will convince them of the brand’s integrity. Lastly, be prepared for crisis scenarios well in advance and keep a social media game plan ready. This will help you save on up time in case of a crisis situation and help get the brand back on its feet as soon as possible.

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