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Among the widely used social media websites, Quora, a question answer based platform has seen increase in popularity in a short span since the time of its public launch in 2010. Questions asked on Quora cover a wide range of topics that include business, politics, sports, entertainment, arts, and science. However, is Quora an effective medium to build a business? Building trust, maintaining authenticity, being consistent are all methods of brand building through social media. Starting from building your presence on social media, to understanding each platform, its features, and how it can be used to the best of its advantage; are all key factors in determining a brand’s online reputation.

Why Quora can help Brands?

Tens of thousands of people read answers on Quora. It has a wide reach. Top answers drive viewership. A major advantage is to participate in the discussions to become noticeable.

Here are a few ways to market your brand effectively through Quora -

  • Basic
    1. Establish yourself as an individual representing your brand.
      Sign up and create a profile. Include information about your business, and its services. Remember that your brand promotion should be restricted to your bio. Below is an example of a top writer.

  1. Follow topics related to your industry.
  2. Create your individual brand story. Authentic answers = more followers
    Storytelling contributes to brand building. Backing up simple and specific answers with compelling evidences will result in increased interest.
  3. Find followers.
    To follow the right people, go to your topics; look for the top contributors in the questions on those topics, and those who follow similar topics. Following potential customers can help you understand their requirements, & current trends in your field.
  4. Search for any services your business offers.
    Knowing about discussions regarding your services can help increase your customers. Join the conversation by giving answers that provide valuable information about your products, and its advantages over other similar products in the market.
  5. Make your brand’s personality more relatable.
    Generate interest of your potential clients on other platforms through your questions and answers irrespective of their presence on Quora.

  • Ask questions!
    Worried that no one is answering your questions? One can ask people to answer questions. The suggestions are the top contributors in that particular topic.

    Based on the topics added to the question, ‘ask to answer’ feature lets you know the number of answers of the suggestions provided and the response rate.
  • Know your competitors.
    The more you know about your competition, the more knowledge you have, to be an important part of the discussions.
  • Check for stats. Promote your answers!
    Promote the answers that can increase your viewership without going overboard. Promoted content is highlighted with a special icon in people’s feeds.
  • When you are asked to answer questions -
    1. Know the facts and figures
    2. Respond at the earliest & increase chances of up votes
    3. Note the expiry date of the request
    4. Do not be repetitive. Write about the aspects that have not been mentioned
  • Down votes – Be careful when posting statistics as one wrong figure can get you down votes. A bad comment or down vote can hamper your brand’s image.
  • Monitor the type of questions asked.
  • When looking for keywords in questions -
    Note when the questions were posted. If the answers are posted recently, you have more chances of being noticed.
  • Blogs – one can create blog posts i.e. post outside content on Quora or organize all the favorite answers in one place.
  • Earn credits to receive more up votes
    Credits are required to promote content. Earn credits by being active & providing effective answers to get more up votes.
  • Become an influencer.
    Getting more number of up votes, having more followers can help you become an influencer on this unique social platform. Whether you are trying to gain followers, or receiving up votes; the responses received on your answers & posts shows your credibility.

In conclusion, building your brand with Quora is all about sharing your expertise on a variety of subjects, making people actively want to know more about you and become aware of the industry scenario through insightful responses by professionals. In short, Quora asks to prove one’s worth.

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