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Have you ever had the nightmare where you planned a fantastic event, got out the big guns but ended up sitting all alone on the main day without any guests showing up? While you might wake up to realize it was only a nightmare, it could easily come true if you do not plan your events carefully. We have moved on from the times where we posted invitation cards and have adopted Facebook Events where creating an event and inviting people is possible with just a single click. The competition is fierce and your competitors are probably inviting your customers to an event on the same day and at the same time. To attract a huge crowd, you must learn to break through the clutter and grab the consumer’s mindshare.

The first thing to remember is not to create a random event. For e.g. A car manufacturing company will get more attention if they invite people to a car show as opposed to a pottery exhibition. By creating an event that fits within your niche you can ensure that you retain attention of your consumers and encourage them to consider attending. Another aspect that can help you boost your chances is the support of influencers. Find out who are the prime influencers within your followers, and encourage them to promote the event by sharing it.

Do not limit the event invitation only to Facebook. Use other platforms like your website and your blog to promote the event and increase your chances of getting attendance. More importantly, don’t stop at only one update! Start early and remind people about it a few times till the actual event. However, try not to be pushy and end up looking like a spammer.

If you have a special set of followers who continue to interact with your brand, make it a point to invite them personally and increase your chances of a successful event.

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