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While it may seem like the unlikeliest of pairs, Social Media and an improv troupes have a lot in common. Before you shake your heads in denial take a closer look at some of the aspects that truly define both the mediums. Novel flair is another thing that is a quality of both improv theatre and Social media.

Improv theatre is nothing without momentum. There you are standing on a stage and rallying jokes with your partner, which is the true crux of your job. At no point should you ask your partner why he made a particular comment or started a particular conversation. At that stage you will lose pace and end up with a fidgety audience just waiting for you to get done with. Both in improv and Social media you can benefit greatly but posing a question to your audience and as a result increasing engagement levels. Got a Facebook page for your brand? Try asking questions at the end of your posts which will ensure that fans come back to the page to answer and check response.

It is also important to remember that a brand’s social media profile is not about the brand itself. While brands might find this statement to be a blasphemy it is something that will help improve the social media presence of the brand. The whole purpose and motive behind social media marketing is to benefit the user. Don’t be concerned about doing what’s right only for your brand; make sure that the user gains from your activity and as a result connects with the brand.

At every step of your social media activity you have to make sure that the brand grows while providing value to the user. If a user does not derive value from your brand it will fall flat, no matter how big it is.

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