Instagram Hacks: Quick Tips to Master the Platform

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Quick Tips to Master Instagram

Instagram boasts of 15 times more engagement than Facebook, Twitter or Google+. What was once a plane, simple photo sharing app, is now being embraced by brands. Is your brand new to Instagram? Worry not; it just takes a few days and some craziness to get used to this social networking platform! The good news is that it doesn’t take too long to go from single digit to double digit and triple when it comes to increasing the follower base. Here are some quick tips that will stimulate growth and engagement for your brand on Instagram. -

1. Bio:

Your bio is the first thing that anyone would see on your account. It is the face of your brand. Shoot up your company’s voice and personality and always have a link back to your brand’s website. Bio is the only place where you can add clickable links on Instagram.

2. Follow:

Instagram Follow Me

Always maintain the follow:following ratio. The rule of exchange works everywhere. Be active, follow back users, influencers and engage with them. This will add to your reach numbers.

3. Upload regularly:

Posting too many pictures or not posting at all can lead to disinterest amongst your followers ultimately resulting in to more unfollows and a drop in engagement rate.

4. Content:

Content being the heart of social media, always post updates that let your followers to engage with you. Try content themes that would interest your audience and also feature posts by your followers. Series of posts work well as it creates curiosity among the followers. Don’t miss out on Matching your content with seasons and current events.

5. It’s all about Storytelling:

Instagram Story Telling-Connect with Audience

Share original images and maintain the authenticity of your brand. Every photo should have a story behind it. This will help you connect well with the audience ultimately driving engagement.

6. Filters:

Filters influence your overall interaction. Use filters to images to make them look unbelievably good. Before sharing the clicks on Instagram, crop, brighten, and finally, add filters to make every upload like-worthy. We suggest experimenting with the different filters to find out what clicks with your community.

7. Hashtags:

Instagram Hashtags are a great way to club together ideas, conversations and concepts. Although Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags, do not flood your account with irrelevant hashtags. Use relevant brand related & industry related hashtags to maximize the reach of your posts. Create 3-4 brand specific hashtags. Take some time to study what people are talking about and incorporate the same in your content. This activity will also help you find the right people to follow. The tip here is to not just hashtags to promote your brand, products and services, but also use hashtags which are being searched and used on Instagram.

8. Timing:

Now that you know what to post, it’s important to know when your fans are most likely to engage. Research well when it comes to post timings. It is absolutely fine to explore for a first few weeks and identify the best slots. Iconosquare gives you an insight on the best times, based on your previous history.

9. Competitor:

Instagram Competitor Analysis

Sshh.. your competitor’s account is the best place to hunt for followers for your account. Browse through the ‘Follower’ & ‘Following’ of your direct competitors and select the best ones to follow. This way, you can be rest assured that your posts are being targeted to the right chunk of people, who are interested in your product/service.

10. Tracking:

Always have an eye on the key metrics for your account. One of the very good free tools available online is Iconosquare that gives you an insight on the on Content, Engagement, Optimization and Fan Base. The metrics available are total number of likes received, most liked photos, average number of likes, comments per photo, best performing filter etc. Another basic yet very beneficial feature of this tool is that you can easily access it on a desktop which makes it easier to browse and analyze.

Lastly, do not forget to follow the Instagram account. The Instagram account is the best guide on how brands can maximize the reach on the platform. They put up an array of weekly posts like the Weekend hashtag projects and weekly fluff. They also feature unique accounts, do blog round-up of their own blog. It is also a good idea to participate in their weekend hashtag projects as it will help you increase reach and exposure of your brand.

The key to success on Instagram is how you build your community and how well do you represent your brand here. That’s all from us, now it’s over to you! What are your thoughts? Does your brand use Instagram; we would love to hear what worked for you!

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