Internet Statistics Of India 2012

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Internet Statistics Of India 2012

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  1. It’s true that internet penetration in India is very low. However, in my opinion, the game changer will be low cost mobile phones and tablets. Also, with MTNL, BSNL and trusted players in the private sector like Tata and Reliance going deeper into the heart of India with wireless internet, it won’t be long before a large percentage of the population is on the internet.

  2. As a marketing major at one of India’s best B-Schools, I have seen how fast the use of internet is growing in rural India. I did a sales stint at a village in Gujarat for an FMCG major. I was astonished to find that people who just a year ago did not even know how to use a computer, were now on major social networking websites. Also, another thing I noticed is that the internet has universal appeal, irrespective of demographic domain. Pensioners too have a great interest in it. So how have we, as FMCG sales people benefit from the internet? It makes our job easier of course!

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