Is Twitter Really 'Social'?

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Modern Marketing definitely cannot be as successful without the presence of Social Media. The social medium has definitely changed the way brands are represented and broadcasted in order to garner audience attention. However, Social Media tools are not as transparent as they seem. There are several facets that need to be thoroughly understood by the marketer in order to use it to its optimum capacity. While planning any social marketing strategy, individuals undoubtedly take into consideration two of the biggest social media tools: Facebook and Twitter. Although both differ greatly in their structure, they are important pillars of social media marketing. A recent research by Yahoo has shown that although information sharing is high on the site, Twitter is not necessarily a “Social” medium.

The research observed that although Twitter may be an important social marketing tool, the website doesn’t necessarily follow the 80/20 rule whereby 80% of the content is shared by 20% of the users. According to the study almost 50% of the content present on Twitter is generated only by a meager 20,000 users which is a very small margin of the total number of Twitter users. Twitter has a large number of celebrities present on the website who Tweet more regularly and hence are a major contributor towards the total content present on Twitter currently. The Yahoo report also states that Twitter users are less likely to follow back. The Elite groups like celebrities and media people are also likely to follow amongst themselves. If content sharing is not exactly “Social” friendly on Twitter, what makes the site an important tool for social media marketers? In fact Twitter Marketing is an important facet for brands who want to promote new developments and provide customer service. The best step marketers can take in case of Twitter is to realize that the website definitely has resemblances to one-way mass communication channels and hence must be understood accordingly in order for it to be effective.

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