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LinkedIn is definitely a silent player in the Social Media industry but is not weak by any means. If you want your brand to make a mark within its industry you must definitely make use of LinkedIn in order to create a strong and professional online presence. More often than not, people create an account on LinkedIn and forget about it in favor of other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. If used effectively LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your business and build stronger contacts. Here is a quick checklist that will help you develop your LinkedIn strategy and make it more effective from a business perspective.

The first and foremost step is to have a completed profile page. You can’t put in your brand name and then leave the rest blank. Think of your profile as an outfit. You can’t dress shabbily and expect to create a great first impression. Therefore you must fill in all possible details about you and your brand in order to coax users to give it a second look and actually engage with your brand.

LinkedIn, like any other social media platform, is a bustling community that is based on interaction and knowledge sharing. Make it a point to join as many Groups as possible (LinkedIn allows a max of 50) and interact regularly in order to enhance visibility and build relations with your target audience. Don’t get stuck on joining only the niche groups that are related to your brand category. Join a variety of groups that may have any relation to your brand, products or even location. You never know where the right audience is!

The platform is based on sharing of professional knowledge and advice and hence it is important to ask and answer questions. This will help you build contacts with contemporaries and peers.

Any good communication is two-way. No matter how irrelevant a request or message, you must make it a point to politely reply instead of being rude or ignoring outright. This will generate respect for you and your brand.

Lastly, take help when needed in order to have an even more effective LinkedIn profile. Testimonials go a long way in creating credibility and value for your brand.

While there are several tactics in which you can make the most of LinkedIn, these are the most important ones and will go a long way in helping you improve your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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