What The LinkedIn IPO Would Mean To You

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LinkedIn might be the silent warrior in the Social Media army but its prowess definitely cannot be underestimated. The site is changing the way internet and social media is being used by professionals all over the world. Individuals equate LinkedIn to an online resume that is given very high credibility by employers and job providers. Therefore, a LinkedIn presence is crucial if you want to be taken seriously in the job market. The site has been creating a buzz in the news with its latest IPO that went from $45 to $122.75 and eventually came to $92.25 by the end of trading day. This latest development will lead on to profitable changes for the website that will result in greater gain for the users. So, what exactly does the LinkedIn IPO have to offer the user?

The website will roll out a new feature known as InMaps. Want a graphical version of your connections? InMaps will provide you with a graph of your entire network which can be a great stepping stone to further building it and adding value. Users will also receive personalized news in their homepage that will be most relevant to them and the industry they function in.

‘Signal’ is another feature that will benefit users by enabling them to stay abreast with the latest happenings within their network by sorting through the various tweets or status updates.

While LinkedIn grows and adds features to aid users in their quest of building a stronger professional network, it is up to the users to make use of the features to their optimum capacity. The most important step in using LinkedIn ideally is having a complete profile that enhances your qualifications and brings them into the limelight. An incomplete profile can prove to be a stumbling block right at the very first step.

Lastly, LinkedIn is powerless without the right connections. Learn to assess your network wisely and build connections that will aid you in fulfilling your professional goals.

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