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As a social media marketer, if you have worked on LinkedIn, you often feel belittled by the lack of statistics offered for company pages especially when you compare it to Facebook brand pages. However, LinkedIn rolled out a surprise for company page admins this morning and now there are some really cool metrics that marketers can look at. We thought of listing them down for you.

  • Follower Statistics

LinkedIn previously just gave the number of followers for your company page. You had to store data manually to understand how your followers have grown over a period of time. This is no longer the case.

Apart from this, LinkedIn now provides a weekly comparison for the following key metrics.

The percentage changes are in comparison to a week before.

LinkedIn now also provides page admins with ‘Follower Demographics’. Earlier this was just limited to ‘Page Visitors Demographics’.

 The most interesting metric to look at out here is the ‘Employee Tab’. This gives a split of how many people following your company page are your employees vs. clients or prospects. You also have the option to see your most recent followers.

  • Engagement Metrics

LinkedIn seems to have gone the Facebook way by launching engagement metrics that let the page admin know how company page status updates are performing.

This data is available from the time the company page was created.

  • Page Statistics

Previously, there was a time lag of about a month for page statistics. This meant that data for June would roll out at the end of July! LinkedIn seems to have rectified this bug. A weekly comparison for vital statistics has also been introduced.

LinkedIn has also added 3 more tabs for ‘Page Visitor Demographics’ – Region, Company Size and Employee.


These changes come after a recent announcement from LinkedIn that marketers will soon be able to target specific users on the platform through company status updates. Marketers will have the ability to show content to their target audience in their news feed using the same filters as in the self-advertising platform. The new company page statistics will definitely help marketers measure the ROI on any activity related to the company page in addition to gaining more insights on the company’s follower base. How have you been using the LinkedIn company page in your social media efforts and how does this affect your LinkedIn social media strategy?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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