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When we talk about social media marketing the first thing that comes to our mind is probably Facebook or one of the newer channels such as Pinterest or Google Plus. While some may consider email marketing as an outdated concept, its importance definitely cannot be discounted. Research has shown that buying decision is strongly influenced by email campaigns and hence matters greatly to a brand. There are several ways in which you can enhance your email campaign and make it work even better for you:

The first step towards creating effective email campaigns is including social icons in the copy of the mailer. Social media icons will help drive traffic to your various channels as well as enable users to share the content which will enhance the reach.

If you have a strong social presence you should make it a point to tailor your emails around effective social conversations. You can use these mailers to drive people to the original content on your social channels.

The most important point in an email campaign is to be direct. While the social icons may be placed strategically in the mailer, users who are accustomed to reading e-mailers may miss out on them. Be straightforward and ask people to connect or engage.

Brands with influential followers can ask their fans to contribute their opinions and testimonials which can be used to make the email content rich and attractive to prospective fans.

On your social media channels you can include forms in order to get relevant data of those who wish to connect with your brand and are willing to receive emails.

Lastly, remember that while there may be more fun channels like Facebook and YouTube to experiment with, you cannot discount the importance of effective methods like email campaigns.

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