New Ads And Insights For Facebook Brand Pages

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Changes to the Facebook Brand Pages closely follow the ones they made to the overall website and enhanced user experience. The major change for brands is in the new ad format which is more likely to drive in the money. Firstly, the new ads will appear bigger and will get more social. Nielsen ratings have shown that if a person sees their friend’s name in a particular ad such as “Robert and 3 friends like this”, they are twice as likely to remember the content of the advertisement and four times as likely to buy the particular product. When rolled out in conjunction with ‘Sponsored Stories’, the visibility of products using these new “Expanded Premium Ads” is likely to skyrocket and bring a larger number of likes. By putting user’s friends in the center of their marketing plans, the social media giant has created a smart advertising model that will enhance their product outreach.

Riding on the heels of Google’s ‘Real-Time Analytics’ update, Facebook is now offering a change to their Insights platform as well by introducing a new feature known as “People Are Talking About”. This new feature provides benefits to users as well as to the brands. Users can judge the popularity of a page content by looking at the number of people talking about it and brand’s can gauge the effectiveness of the content they posted using the same. This gives brands a more concrete number of people who are talking about the brand rather than an arbitrary number of ‘Likes’ that the page has received in totality. In simpler terms, the new metric allows a particular brand to recognize the number of people who are conversing about their page. What this metric will do is that it will create a new chase where brands will be looking to enhance engagement rather than the one-time ‘Like’.

Another major development is that Facebook has opened up its Insights API and given companies a chance to apply this information provided by Facebook and use it towards product development. These changes may just be the beginning of a new revolution for brands on Facebook.

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