Online Anonymity May Soon Be A Thing Of The Past

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As Facebook marketing head, Randi Zuckerberg, announced the need for clearer online identities it  caused a stir amongst internet users. Privacy seekers raised a hue and cry about the lack of anonymity this would lead to and the resulting infringement of their personal space. Zuckerberg definitely makes an important point as she claims that this should put an end to the rising cyber bullying as all online activity will have a name and face to it. Cyber bullying has grown at an alarming rate thanks to the privacy policies of various interaction platforms. With the help of pseudonyms and assumed identities people can get away with just about anything.

However, that is not the only motive behind this statement made by Facebook. Monetary reasons also play an important part in this move by the social networking giant. Boosting online commerce is an important factor behind this statement made by Facebook representatives. Brand presence depends greatly on the presence of its consumers. A large majority of brands want their fans and followers to reveal their true identities in order to get a better understanding of their audience and target them accordingly. Imagine a world with complete privacy online! Brands would never know the person who bought their product. They would lose out on the opportunity to build loyal customers as they will just not know who exactly to target etc. This would lead to brands giving lesser importance to online space for marketing purposes.

Facebook ads have become some of the most important ways in which customers can be targeted. This targeting is done through a person’s usage of the social media site and the personal information provided. With complete anonymity it would be rather difficult for brands to reach the right person. Let’s hope Facebook has a plan to strike a balance between “real identities” and “online privacy”.

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