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LinkedIn Today, launched in early 2011, was dubbed as a source of news for users of the social networking platform. However, over time it has become apparent that the site can help drive traffic to high quality content.


The primary aim of LinkedIn Today is to provide users with articles based on their interests and work details. These articles are ones that will engage the users on a more regular basis with the site and encourage them to visit the site daily. Initially users would visit their accounts sparingly and mostly when in any professional need. With LinkedIn Today the scope for regular visits has expanded exponentially. With the increased number of regular visitors, brands must make it a point to optimize their presence on LinkedIn Today in order to make the most of this change. Like other social networks the articles are rated on the basis of votes by users.

Once you understand the various features of LinkedIn Today you must make it a point to optimize your brand in order to gain better visibility for the brand. Content becomes popular once it is shared extensively by the users and hence you must make it a point to ensure that your content is interesting enough to compel users to share it. If you primarily post articles to your blog or website you can add a LinkedIn Share button so LinkedIn users can easily share it to their accounts and thereby boost the value of your content.

A number of LinkedIn users have tied up their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts which enable all tweets to be posted directly on LinkedIn Today. This will ensure that all your important content that is tweeted will directly be posted on LinkedIn Today and serve a dual purpose in one single click.

Lastly, and most importantly, having a large network is important in order to provide greater attention to your content. Start off by adding people who are like minded, share similar interests and are most likely to pay attention to your content.

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