Ignore YouTube At Your Own Peril

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More often than not, Brands using social media are so busy concentrating on Facebook and Twitter that they miss out on a lucrative tool like YouTube. Small businesses can definitely benefit from the medium and gain greater visibility for their brand. …

Brand Advocates: Social Media Super Users!

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While all consumers are important to a brand, there are a certain group of consumers that are a notch above others and hence must be given special attention. Who are these consumers? They are the “Brand Advocates” that act as free marketing representatives for your brand and serve as an influence for new consumers. …

Why Brands Should Pay Attention To Negative Feedback

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Having a feedback process for your brand on Social Media is undoubtedly a huge responsibility that most brands choose to skip. It is a common perception that a very small percentage of users actually end up giving feedback, either positive or negative, and hence the practice of receiving feedback from them does not provide value. …

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