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Understanding the behaviour of their audience is probably one of the most important steps for any brand when it comes to marketing practises. Without a clear indication of buyer persona, targeting effectively becomes next to impossible. The primary reason for understanding buyer persona is to get a clearer insight into why exactly people buy what they buy? What motivates them and leads to purchase?

Brands definitely cannot predict which marketing attempt will go viral and the best way in which they can have some understanding is by getting a deeper insight into their primary target audience and creating content to better suit their consumers. Sales should not be the only motivator when it comes to understanding your audience. Learn to look beyond sales and hone interaction and deeper meaningful relations with the consumers in order to boost loyalty.

In the current era social buyers play an important role in the way buyer persona is understood. With the impact of social on almost all interactions and marketing, it has become crucial to understand the way people behave and conduct themselves in a social space. Despite popular belief, B2C audience is not the only one who is active in the social space. B2B audience too has started showing remarkable presence in the social scenario and contributing greatly towards popularity of products and services. This development has ensured that targeting B2B marketing has become simpler and no more is the audience considered niche and difficult to get to.

With the advancement of technology, social media is no more just a channel to get footfalls to a physical outlet of a brand. Features like F-Commerce have made it easy for tech savvy users to purchase the products without have to leave the site or get redirected. We are a stage where traditional marketing methods will cease to have as much of an impact and pave the way for a more social atmosphere with respect to marketing and understanding buyers.

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