Is Pinterest An Ideal Marketing Platform For Your Brand?

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With social media marketing becoming an important marketing tool for most companies, brands are trying to aim for that extra incentive that would drive consumers to them. What better way to attract customers than by using Sweepstakes! The website allows you to create pinboards that match your interests. You can “pin” information by other users or brands on to your boards and get direct access to that content on their blog or website.

There are various ways in which brands use social media platforms in order to run their contests and other user engagement activity. Pinterest provides a brand new playing ground with a vast variety of opportunities to get users to engage with the brands and pin their products on their boards.

On the surface it may seem like the site isn’t ideal for brand marketing. However, the whole concept of Pinterest is building relationships through mutual interest. While using this site it is important not to think only about sales. Think about it this way: Would users put up promotional material on their fridge or on their pinboards at home? The key to good usage of Pinterest is to share interests with users and give them a subtle incentive to put up your pins on their virtual pinboards. There are certain things you must keep in mind before you use the site. The first thing to remember is that your brand needs to have some sort of physical or visual product to begin with. For e.g. A cosmetics or a fashion brand will do exceptionally well on the site as they have appealing products that users would like to show off.

Secondly it is important for brands to stick to a certain rules. Avoid excessive self-promotion as this can turn-off users from the brand altogether. Share things that are interesting and will attract attention rather than just promoting what you sell.

Lastly, don’t make the mistake of assuming that Pinterest only targets a limited demographic. The website is attracting users by the droves and it is important to keep researching to find various avenues of growth.

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