The Royal Wedding and Social Media: Publicity Beyond Print

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No example of social media adoption matches up to this. After all, a social media campaign concerning the future King of England is definitely bound to attract attention and capture eyeballs. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest live events in the country and to hit the internet. What is important to note is that it is not only the largest live telecast online but also the first Royal Wedding to be fully broadcasted digitally.

The trend was started right from the day the wedding was actually announced. The announcement was made on the official Twitter Feed of the Clarence House and it has led to a culmination of all available social media channels to broadcast it to all corners of the world. The concept of showcasing Royal Weddings has come a long way since the nuptials of his parents Charles and Diana, where limited coverage of the ceremony was provided through the television. “Real-Time Information” is the catchphrase of modern marketing and hence people crave information as it happens. The Royal wedding has gone on from being a joyous moment for two people to a huge marketing opportunity. The official PR agencies have left no stone unturned in ensuring that they can maximize the coverage opportunities of fan responses and interactive forums etc. The wedding was telecast on YouTube on the Royal Channel. Twitter too saw trending topics on the wedding while #RoyalWedding become one of the most popular hash tags of recent times.

Royal Wedding

This event gives us a candid view into the minds of the modern consumer. People don’t just want to be passive consumers who adopt the information handed out to them. The modern consumer seeks opportunities to actually engage in all possible ways and make the media even more personal. There is a huge potential for marketers to make use of these mediums for promotions due to the amount of attention that is already on it.

Looks like digital marriages are definitely becoming yet another inclusion to the technology that is capable of taking interaction and engagement to a whole new level. This is not the first instance of the Royal family making their presence felt through social media. The Queen and Prince Charles have individual Facebook pages in order to have direct connection with the citizens. Which brings us to the point: Have skeptics finally accepted that social media is capable of having a strong impact on the nation and beyond?

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  1. Yes i agree, social media can have a strong impact on the nation. One of the reasons for the massive spread of the egyptian revolution was social media

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