Promoted Tweets In Users Newsfeed: Will Twitter Save Its Ship?

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Twitter has been making the news for several months due to its various monetizing strategies from Promoted Accounts to Promoted Tweets. In a recent development it has been declared that these Promoted Tweets will now appear in a users Twitter feed. Can Twitter save itself from turning from a user-friendly service to an ad machine? In case of the latter, Twitter stands to risk its large and fast growing user base.

When Promoted Tweets started off they would appear only in case of a relevant search query. However in an effort to increase visibility and boost revenue the site has decided to display Promoted Tweets in the newsfeed and at a priority. With ads showing up on over 200 million individual news feed, can Twitter keep from declining to the pool of has-been social networks?

Social media experts believe that Twitter is not facing a great risk from this move. These tweet-sized have a major advantage in the fact that they are small and hence would not turn out to be a complete eye sore for the users. With a simple click users will be able to remove the ad from the news feed and hence return to normal usage of the site. While Twitter continued to grow in popularity, high revenues still remained elusive. This step was crucial for the site in order to boost their revenues and keep it at par with their growing user base.

Ads need not necessarily be damaging to a social network’s popularity. Take Facebook for example. Despite the presence and continued growth of their advertising platform, Facebook’s user base has reached a whopping 750 million! Twitter is at a stage where its popularity can easily rival Facebook’s and hence the effort to monetize with ads seems justified. We can see that Twitter is exploring its boundaries and before long they will have an advertising platform as powerful as Facebook.

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