Why Marketers Should Explore The Quora Way

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Out of all the social media channels, Quora is one of the most understated yet highly important one. The Q/A website aims to become a comprehensive resource for users seeking information about any given topic. While it may not top a Marketer’s list of “Important Social Media Networks”, it definitely has huge potential that must not be ignored.

As opposed to other forums and Q/A websites, Quora displays the user’s real name which adds an element of authenticity to the answers. Anonymity and Privacy may be important requirements in the social media space, but in case of Quora the answers hold more value when they come from a person with a name and identity. The contributors also benefit by displaying their name on the website. Internet users have become serious about contributing content as it allows them to build a reputation as a person with ample knowledge in a particular field. If they get a chance to achieve fame and popularity they will gladly contribute regularly and with sincerity. Quora provides ample benefits for contributors as well as seekers.

Most Q/A websites often show only one side of the argument for any particular topic. Users who want the opposite viewpoint may have to search for an alternate topic in order to see both sides of the coin. With Quora, users will have access to the entire perspective and hence would not need to invest extra effort to get all information about a topic.

Content should never be standalone; it should help create a community and that is what Quora stands for. Marketers should embrace Quora and its rapidly growing, experienced user base as it will help them become a part of an active and enthusiastic community. This platform can actually help brand marketers build an active community around their brand or product category.

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